What is the dumpster rental process?

The dumpster rental process is actually pretty simple. First you call the dumpster rental company and let them know where and when you would like your dumpster delivered.The driver then delivers the dumpster on the date you ordered. You then fill the dumpster with debris and other items from your location, home, or job-site. When you are finished with your dumpster, call the office to let them know you are ready for the dumpster to be removed.

How do I pay for what I’ve ordered?

When the order is placed, payment is made over the phone.

What comes with the price?

The price of renting a dumpster includes a one-time delivery and pick-up of the roll off dumpster chosen, a weight limit for junk, and a set amount of time for renting. All of the junk will be taken to a place that has been fully inspected and is licensed to do so.

What can be put in the rubbish can?

We Happily Will Take:

  • Construction Materials
  • Carpet/Flooring
  • Stuff for the roof
  • Furniture
  • Stuff You Just Don’t Need!

What’s The Size of a Happy Little Dumpster?

Same Day Dumpster Rental Dayton sizes vary.  We have sizes from 10 feet long, to 40 feet long.  They can carry loads as small as 2 pickup truck loads to 15 pickup truck loads. Our Dumpster Rental Service Page explains in detail.

What Is The Same Day Dumpster Rental Dayton Process?

Let us know if you need our help and we’ll set up a time to talk on the phone. Send us an email using the form found here.

We’ll talk about the rental agreement. Some terms include things such as helping you select the right dumpster and size for your needs, as well as the payment terms on your dumpster rental.

As part of the rental agreement, we would then drop your dumpster off as scheduled on that day and at the time specified. In the event you provide us with a specific address, Same Day Dumpster Rental Dayton will deliver the dumpster for you.

Make Use Of The Dumpster To Dispose Of Waste And Trash.

After your rental period has ended, we will return to pick up your dumpster at the agreed upon time and location.

Is Renting A Dumpster Expensive?

Rental dumpsters can cost anywhere from $100 to $1000 for residential and construction projects.

It is possible for large-scale projects and demolitions to cost over $1,000. The price is based on your requirements as a customer and the availability of the rental vehicle you are interested in.

What Services Do You Provide?

To name just a few, we provide roll-off dumpsters ranging in size from 10 to 40 cubic yards. Our roll-off dumpster services are popular with both construction companies and homeowners.

Roll-Off Versus Front-Load Dumpsters: What’s The Difference?

Roll-off dumpsters are the most popular choice for construction and remodelling projects among our customers. Because of the open top, large items could  easily be disposed of in roll-off dumpsters, making them the best choice.

With a lockable lid, front-loading dumpsters are planned for regular junk pickups. These are gathered on a regular basis and stored for future use. These are useful for businesses with a lot of waste and for residential areas that require a single point of collection for their garbage.

What Are The Most Effective Uses Of Roll-Off Dumpsters?

Roll-off dumpsters are typically used for cleaning or construction projects. There are many uses for roll-off dumpsters, so let’s take a look:

Clean Out

Construction Projects

  • Shingle disposal for the roof
  • Kitchen or bath remodel
  • Replacing windows
  • Replacing siding
  • New construction projects

What Are The Most Popular Dumpster Sizes?

The cubic yard capacity of a dumpster is what determines how much waste it can hold. So, for example, a 10 cubic yard dumpster can hold 10 cubic yards of waste. In order to determine the right dumpster size for your project, Same Day Dumpster Rental Dayton. can help you estimate how much waste will be generated by each stage of the construction process.

Dumpster sizes are:

  • 10-yards
  • 20-yards
  • 30-yards
  • 40-yards

Why should you use a Budget Dumpster?

We’ll save you time and money when you rent a dumpster from us. We help homeowners, contractors, and business owners get rid of their junk quickly and politely for low, flat-rate prices. Call us at (937) 519-3261 to find out more.

We have dumpsters that are 10, 15, 20, 30, and even 40 cubic yards in size. In some service areas, we also offer 2, 4, 6, and 8-cubic-yard commercial dumpsters. You can find a dumpster that can handle your job, no matter how big it is.

Just give them a quick call. Our customer service reps will help you choose the right size dumpster and set up your order in just a few minutes.

What does it cost to rent a dumpster?

The price of a dumpster depends on a number of things, such as the size of the dumpster, the weight of the junk, how long you rent it for, and any taxes or fees you have to pay in your area. This means that the exact price of a dumpster will depend on where you live and what you want. We offer simple flat-rate pricing on all of our dumpster sizes, so you’ll always know the full price up front, no matter where you are or how much you’re getting rid of. On our Pricing page, you can find the prices for your area. For a free quote, call (937) 519-3261.

Is There Anything You Can’t Throw Away In A Dumpster?

There should be no hazardous materials in the dumpsters. The dumpster should not be used to dispose of flammable or toxic materials. A good rule of thumb is that if you could put it in the junk pickup, you can place it in your dumpster. Depending on the company, recyclables and non-recyclables may need to be placed in different containers.

Is The Dumpster Going To Ruin My Driveway?

Customer requests for dumpster placement on a driveway are common. As a result, the pavement may be damaged, but we will not be held liable if this happens. Ask for advice on how to avoid this.

How Do I Know How Much My Trash Weighs?

When your dumpster is picked up, the truck loads it onto a scale at the dumpsite. This is the total weight. The truck then hauls away the dumpster’s contents. Finally, truck drives onto the second scale and this is tare weight gross weight – the weight of the dumpster minus the weight of the dumpster itself.In accordance with Bureau of Weights & Measures regulations, these scales are in use.

What Is The Procedure For Picking Up My Order?

We’ll come pick up your dumpster on the scheduled date after your final rental day arrives, and you’re under no obligation to be there when we do so. There will be no additional charges if Melbourne Dumpster Rental Bros assumes the weight limit has not been reached.

How Do I Compare Different Dumpster Pricing Quotes?

Dumpster rental companies typically charge a flat fee for a specific dumpster size and rental period. There are no hidden fees at Melbourne Dumpster Rental Bros. It’s important to look at additional fees that some companies tack on.

  • Delivery
  • Landfill cost
  • Fuel charges
  • Fees will be charged if the dumpster is kept beyond the agreed rental period

Is A Dumpster Permit Necessary?

Permits are typically only required if your dumpster is placed on public property, such as a sidewalk or street, in every town As a result, you do not need a permit if the work is done on your property.

Call us at (321) 499-1534 and we’ll explain the permit process to you.

Is It Possible To Put The Dumpster On Street?

Check with the authorities in your town or county. For dumpsters on public property, permits are typically required.

Is There An Option For Immediate Dumpster Delivery?

Delivery in an emergency depends on what’s in stock at the time.

How did you start renting out dumpsters?

Our company initially started as a third party cleaning service for upscale restaurants, hotels, and schools. As the business progressed, we noticed that there was a lack of dumpsters for rent despite demand for it. We often find ourselves throwing out the junk and dumping them into overfilled dumpsters. Soon thereafter, we invested in dumpster rentals to meet our staffs’ needs. After a few years, we started purchasing dumpsters for us to rent out to other homeowners, establishments, and offices in need of waste removal.

Can we get a referral just to make sure we’re hiring the right company?

Absolutely! Feel free to contact us at (937) 519-3261 and ask for referrals. We will be delighted to provide you the contact numbers of our past and current customers.

How do I know what size dumpster to rent?

Call us up to discuss your project, and our customer service team can help you choose the best dumpster for the job.

How much does a dumpster cost?

The cost of a dumpster is made up of several factors: the size of the dumpster, the weight of the debris, the length of the rental period and local taxes and fees. This means that the exact price of a dumpster varies according to location and the specifics of your order. No matter where you’re located or how much you’re disposing of, we offer simple flat-rate pricing on all of our dumpster sizes, so you’ll always know the full price up front. Also, keep in mind that each dumpster has a weight limit. These limits allow for a lot of weight but if you should go above the limit, there is an extra charge.

How do I rent a dumpster?

All it takes is a quick phone call. Our customer service representatives will help you choose a dumpster size and set up your order within minutes.

When will my dumpster be delivered?

Our deliveries generally take place between 6 a.m. – 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, but this can vary based on the current schedule and availability. Please contact the team member who set up your order if you have any additional questions regarding your delivery. Dumpsters can be delivered on Saturday and Sunday for an extra charge.

Do I need to be home when it’s delivered?

There’s no need to be present for delivery or pickup. On delivery and pickup day, just make sure the area where you want the dumpster placed is clear and not blocked by cars or anything else that may prevent us from accessing the spot. Please also be sure the dumpster is loaded properly, with nothing sticking up over the top or hanging over the sides.

What if I need a dumpster long term?

Give us a call. We can work out a price and duration of rental for longer term needs.

What is the size I need?

This will depend on the size of the project or the expected amount of junk output you are going to have. It has always been a rule in our company to brief our customers on the allowable load of the unit. If you are uncertain on the amount of garbage you will throw out, it is recommended that you get a bigger dumpster.

But if you are remodelling or renovating your business or your home, smaller dumpsters are preferred. Construction debris like cement rocks and other heavier materials can exceed weight restrictions as they tend to be heavier than normal junk. When in doubt, pick up the phone and contact us. The experts in our office can help you decide about this.

Before you sign the agreement, know that each city has different dumpster specifications for both private and public land. Do not forget to contact your local county and ask the requirements you need to work on. On some occasions, the rental company can assist you to garner the information you need. However, processing it would be in your hands.

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